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Birth Date: December 25, 1992

Current Location: San Diego, California, USA

Sponsors: Slackline Industries, Belong Designs

Slackline Discipline: Longline, Highline, Trickline


When did you start slacklining?

I started slacklining in 2011, when I was a freshman at Colorado School of Mines. I saw Mickey Wilson doing backflips on the slackline, the rest was history.


What keeps you interested in slacklining?

The variety, there are so many different ways to slackline. We've got supper saggy rodeo lines, and super tight tricklines, we've got lines for surfing and lines for jibbing, people are doing yoga and physical therapy on slacklines and people are dancing on slacklines. The possibilities seem endless, you only get bored when you stop exploring.


What is your favorite trick?

Right now it's the frog flip. I wanted to do that trick for probably two years, but I was either too scared or too injured. I finally landed it about a week ago. It's still scares me, but it gives my combos a new symmetry that I really like.


Who are your tricklining/slacklining role models?

Mickey Wilson has got to be my biggest role model. He pretty much taught me everything I know about rigging and quite a bit about tricklining. He’s also a very well rounded trickliner and highliner. Josh Beaudoin also taught me quite a bit and is also one of my favorite slackers, his style is unique and unparalleled.


What other sports/hobbies do you do besides slacklining?

For a long time I considered myself a skier first and foremost. But the slackline eventually seduced me.


Future spins, flips, or grabs?

Well if I don't get hurt I would really like to learn some doubles. But mostly, I just want to have fun and try new things. I love parallel tricklining, I’m going to keep doing more of that.


Favorite gear?

First off the Bossline kit has got to be the best thing SI has done. When I first started slacklining that whole system would have cost about $300. Finally, there is an affordable trickline system!


I also love the SI Primitive kit. I think everyone who plans on highlining should learn how to rig with a primitive kit. The Primitive system also allows one to buy a multiplier later on and rig long lines without pulleys or other expensive gear.


Otherwise I have to say I love what SI has done with their Alpha System and their Slow Roll. These are the two pieces of gear that were missing from early trickline systems that make the kit the eloquent system it is.

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