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Posted by Archetype Themes Collaborator on

Birth Date: June 13, 1989

Current Location: Almada, Portugal

Sponsors: Slackline Industries

Slackline Discipline: Trickline


When did you start slacklining?

I start slacklining in sumer 2011


What keeps you hooked?

The evolution of the Sport and Slackline teach me what is objectives in my life and make me feel realized when i land a new trick.


What's your favorite trick?

My favorite trick is the Estonian Buttflip.


What was your favorite slackline competition and why?

GoPro Mountain Games because of the spot and the public and all the best trickliners in the world go there.


What discipline of slacklining did you start with?

When I started slacklining there was no differentiation between tricklining, highlining and longlining. So when I saw someone do something on the line I just wanted to do it, whether it was highlining, waterlining, or backflips it was all the same to me. So I developed skills in all disciplines I guess you could say.


Who are your tricklining role models?

 Luke Diestel, Abraham Hernandez and myself (laughs).


What’s your favorite vegetable?



What other sports/hobbies do you do besides slacklining?

I play guitar, didgeridoo, percussion.


What are your music recommendations?

I love all kind of music but hip-hop is the best try to listen The Four Owls.

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