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The 2017 Online Trickline Championships has begun! The format is simple. 

  • Competitors from around the will compete over three rounds of two heats each.
  • Time on the line is 90 seconds from the moment you get on the slackline
  • No edits
  • No stoppage time
  • No walking off camera
  • Submit your video via Dropbox
  • Videos must be received before the deadline
  • $5000 in cash prizes
  • Top-4 overall win a trip to the Full Combo Slackline World Cup Japan from the organizers of the World Cup Japan

This competition is judged according to ISI Rules and Regulationsto see trick score visit ISI Trick Scores.

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Competitors in the in the Online Trickline Championship(OTC) will compete over three rounds(Qualifiers, Semi-Finals and Finals). Each round is made up of 2 heats in which the competitor will attempt to score as high as possible to qualify to the next round. 

For the Qualifier and Semi-Finals. A cut-off score will be established after the first heat of each round by taking an average of all the scores from that heat. Scores of the competitors who did not score above the cut-off will be highlighted in red on the contest results page and will have an opportunity in the second heat of the round to score above the cut-off.

After the second heat of the round, all the scores will be published and competitors who have qualified will move to the next round.

In the Finals, scores from the first heat will be revealed at the start of the second heat so competitors know how many more points they need to get into the Top-8 of their division. The best score from either heat in the Finals will be used to establish the winners that will be announced on July 18, 2017. 

Prize Breakdown

  • Top-4 overall win a trip to the Full Combo Slackline World Cup Japan from the organizers of the World Cup Japan
  • Men/Women 1st: $1000, 2nd: $575, 3rd: $300, 4th: $200, 5th $150, 6th $125, 7th $100, 8th $50
  • Competition is open to all slackliners across the world regardless of brand affiliation.
  • All competitors must read and submit the entry form to be entered in the competition.
  • Each competitor is allowed 90 seconds. Time begins once both feet have left the ground.
  • TIME DOES NOT STOP if you fall off or get off the slackline.
  • You must remain on camera the entire time. If you walk off camera, the video will not be accepted.
  • Only NEW original videos are allowed to be submitted.
  • Videos must be filmed down the line so dabs can be clearly seen. SEE EXAMPLE
  • Videos must not be edited. EDITED videos will not be accepted.
  • Videos must follow the file name format. (“” i.e. “”)
  • All videos must be uploaded to Dropbox using the upload link sent to you AFTER you have registered for the contest. (If you are unable to submit via the Dropbox link you can submit your video to
  • Videos must be submitted before the the deadline clock on the contest web page expires.
  • After the first heat of each round, a cut off score for men and women will be established. Scores of the slackliners who are below the cut off will be highlighted in red and will have a second heat/chance to score above the cutoff.
  • SI will also create a weekly highlight video focusing on the best tricks and highest scoring athletes.
  • By submitting your video, Slackline Industries(SI) has the right to add logos and text to the final video that will be uploaded to SI’s YouTube channel.