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Birth Date: January 26, 1998

Current Location: SUNY Potsdam, NY, USA

Sponsors: Slackline Industries

Slackline Discipline: Trickline ,Teaching


When did you start slacklining?

In 2013 my older brother Nick got me my first slackline. He and Keagan French were both huge influences in teaching me.


What kept you hooked?

I am big into a lot of sports like tennis, skiing, and soccer, so I was really drawn in by the athletic side of slacklining. However, I’m actually a really anxious student so one of the things that kept me hooked was how stress-relieving slacklining is.


I know you’re also a martial artist. Has slacklining helped you out in that respect?

Definitely. Martial arts requires you to be really stable on your feet, and I have felt a noticeable improvement in my balance since picking up slacklining. It’s great cross-training for any sport.


What is your proudest accomplishment in slacklining?

I actually got slacklining to be included in my high school physical education curriculum. One of the things I’m proudest of is just spreading slacklining to other people.  I just started college out in New York and I’m looking forward to starting a slackline club out there too!


What’s your slacklining style?

I am kind of an all around slackliner. I love tricklining and longlining, but I’m definitely more of a teacher. I get the most inspired when I see other people learning, progressing, and finding a new love for the sport.


Do you have any advice for people just getting into slacklining?

Be patient with yourself. It will be really frustrating at first (we’ve all been through it). But just know that it will take a few tries before you can walk, and if you stay determined you might surprise yourself with how good you actually are.

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