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Slackline Setup

Slackline Setup

Setting up your slackline made simple

Setting up a slackline for the first time can be confusing but like everything it just takes a little bit of practice and direction. Each of Slackline Industries kits have been designed to set up quickly and easily by anyone. For trouble shooting or additional help, check out the FAQS section of our website or below for additional resources.

2 Inch Setup

Setting up your 2-inch slackline kit is quick and easy, but a few tips can make all the difference and help avoid any mistakes. Check out our how-to video hosted by former Slackline World Champion, Michael Payton, for the best advice on getting started. It's way more interesting than the included manual!

2-Inch User Manual: EnglishEspañolFrançais

Boss Line User Manual: EnglishEspañolFrançais


Help Line Setup

The Help Line is designed to aid beginners and accelerate the process of learning proper slackline form. The two-piece guide line easily mounts above the slackline to support the included arm position trainer. This system teaches the user where to position their arms to improve balance and can take the place of a spotter or partner so that the user can slackline on their own.

User Manual: EnglishFrançais