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Tips From Jake Curbelo, A Professional Slackliner (Part 2)

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Tips From Jake Curbelo, A Professional Slackliner (Part 2)

Tell us about your current projects.

Something I am particularly passionate about is getting a slackline festival that started in South Florida. I am born and raised in Hollywood, Florida, and some friends and I have been planning a slackline gathering for any and everyone who wants to come and enhance their slacklining skills for all levels.
A big goal on mine right now is also walking/sending a 300m high line without falling. As well as enhancing my freestyle high lining skills in general.
Some of the tricks that I am trying to land right now are Yoda Rolls, Almighty Flips, Orbitals, and one of my favorite tricks, the Luke Skywalker.

What advice do you have for those aspiring to master complicated tricks?

Don’t give up. It’s a simple as that. There are so many times where I felt like I was hitting a plateau of my abilities but by just keeping up with practicing and having fun with it I would always get to a point where I felt confident enough to start throwing the more complicated tricks.
Having friends around to support me and spot me was always a huge help! Having some high level stoke around is always a blessing that pushes you to send a trick you might be scared of trying. If you don’t have anyone around you at the time, there are now YouTube videos explaining a breakdown of almost every tick currently possible.

What is YOUR favorite Slackline trick?

My favorite trick to do on a slackline is the butt bounce to butt bounce backflip on a nice tight trick line. It’s so much fun, and so versatile especially when you’re just walking the line on the beach. People are looking at you and then out of no where you get a little bounce in the line and send a backflip.
My favorite trick on a slackline in general, however, is one that I have not yet landed and that would have to be the back almighty flip on a freestyle high line. It is a beautiful trick requiring your body to do full rotation around the line with your feet never leaving it until you magically land back on top. You get a big bounce in the line, and when you’re on the way back up you lean back and hook your foot doing a full flip and then unhooking your foot and returning to your position back on top on the line.
Once you have mastered it, there are so many combinations that start to open up. Absolutely stunning to watch and I will be landing it very soon!


Do you have any favorite spots or environments for slacklining that you find particularly inspiring or challenging?

I love to Trickline on the beach!
It’s absolutely beautiful and the sand is very forgiving if I ever do get thrown off, in addition all of the beautiful people walking by usually give me an extra push to try and show off a little extra if I’m being completely honest. I haven’t done it yet but I’m planning to go high line in red rocks Nevada for the first time on October 28th at the Red Rocks Reach Around meet up just a few weeks away from me writing this and I am super excited to be out in the middle of a canyon! I think the exposure of being out in the middle of the canyon will be particularly challenging but I am determined to conquer it. Not to mention the absolute breathtaking beauty of that natural environment.



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