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Birth Date: November 16, 1986

Current Location: Avarda, Colorado, USA

Sponsors: Slackline Industries, YogaSlackers

Slackline Discipline: Longline, Highline, Slackasana (Slackline Yoga)


How did you get into slacklining?

I was walking my dogs through the neighborhood after a yoga class and saw some kids playing on one. As soon as I got home did a Google search "urban tightrope walking" and eventually found out it was called Slacklining.


What is your style of slacklining?

My style was influenced from my yoga background. Slackasana (slackline yoga) started off as a pose at a time. Now attempting to link poses (static tricks) together to create a yoga flow on the 1 inch floating mat.


How does Yogalining distinguish itself from the other disciplines of slacklining?

Slackline yoga is usually done on a hand tensioned 1 inch primitive rigged slackline. The idea behind slackasana is creating as much stillness in each shape/pose as possible.


What advice do you have for beginner slackliners?

It takes time, a lot of time, and patience. At first it seems impossible but every second you spend on the line adds up and eventually walking, jumping, spinning or standing on your shoulder if you want.


What are your other hobbies?

Yoga, hiking, dog training and enjoying live music.


What is your favorite slackline spot?

Harvard Gulch Park in Denver, come out Wednesdays and Sundays for Denver Slack Jams 6 pm- sundown

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