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Birth Date: April 6, 1995

Current Location: Caraguatatuba, Brazil

Sponsors: Slackline Industries, Core Sport, Municipal Secretary of Sports, High Fly Brasil

Slackline Discipline: Trickline, Longline, Highline


When did you start slacklining?

I started in 2012


What kept you hooked?

Because I couldn’t do it at first! I saw everyone doing it and honestly became a little jealous. I think it’s part of my personality to want to do things that I can’t do.


Did you have any inspirations when you first started slacklining?

My dad bought me my first slackline, and he was a big inspiration to me in that he pushed me to do the best that I could and he loved the sport from the beginning.


What type of slacklining are you most into?

I first got into tricklining because I saw everyone else doing jumps and I wanted to be a part of it, but unfortunately I got hurt pretty often so I started highlining. For me, highlining is a really personal activity that I do for me rather than for anyone else, while tricklining is on the other side of the spectrum. But I love all disciplines of the sport.


Tell us a little bit about the slackline scene in Caraguatatuba.

Well in Caraguatatuba we used to have a big slacklining community but then I moved to the USA for a while, and when I came back it seemed like everyone had stopped! But of course I kept going because I love traveling and teaching slacklining. I think that since I’m back now the slackline scene will start to spark up again, but right now it is kind of nice to be the only slackliner in the area because I get a lot of recommendations to do demos and events and classes.


Do you have any advice for all the new slackliners to stay motivated?

The first step is that you need to believe in yourself. Of course it’s nice to have people around to push you but if you really have faith in your abilities then you will be able to stay motivated and progress!

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