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Birth Date: December 23, 1999

Current Location: Vail, Colorado, USA

Sponsors: Slackline Industries

Slackline Discipline: Trickline, Longline, Highline


When did you start slacklining?

GoPro Mountain Games 2012 when I saw the slackline competition there for the first time!


What kept you hooked?

It’s so unique and it’s really incomparable to other sports, so I guess it was really the uniqueness that kept me involved.


You’re just about to finish high school. Are there other kids at your school to slack with?

There aren’t really any other kids my age in the Vail Valley who slackline, but I have a crew of people who I get to go longlining pretty frequently. But I’m definitely the only trickliner in the area, which has its advantages and disadvantages.


What is your proudest accomplishment in slacklining?

Highlining for the first time was one of my proudest accomplishments for sure. The line was “Cherrypicker” which was the 20 footer in the Fruit Bowl in Utah, and right after that I ended up walking the 40 and 50 foot lines as well. I guess I was most proud of my ability to shut the fear out of my mind when I walked which allowed me to walk lines on the first day!


What’s your favorite trick?

I like the one-armed lever because no one really does it anymore. I think it’s important to keep those more original-style moves in slacklining. No one wants to do static tricks because they aren’t worth a lot of points in terms of the judging system, so it’s nice to stick out from the crowd a bit.


What projects have you been working on lately?

My latest goal has been to walk this 450 foot longline in Vail that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s a scary one because there’s no dip in the park so you have to put the anchors scary high to be able to have a nice tension on it. I think I’m pretty close to sending!


Do you have any highline goals?

I eventually want to walk the 700-plus line in the Fruit Bowl in Moab. It’s ambitious for sure, but hey, you’ve got to push yourself right?

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